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Litter Bin GuardianLitter Bin GuardianLitter Bin Guardian

The BIN GUARDIAN provides an attractive dressed up outer cover for standard or compartmented ( for recycling ) 120 or 240 litre Wheely bins. Where large capacity receptacles are required in a public arena that can be serviced by Contractor vehicles, this eliminates the need for heavy lifting by Cleaning Staff. These items are robustly constructed from steel.

The design is essentially weather proof , built to restrict dumping of household garbage and can be ordered in Single configuration. For shipping purposes these can be supplied in CKD kit form for easy Assembly. (20 minutes)

Dimensions: Height 1230mm, Width, 750mm, Depth 830mm Shipping Weight:50kg

Fire bin Fire Guardian design contains fires lit by vandals and eliminates all damage to the exterior finish of the Bin Guardian. It retains all debris of the fire inside the bottom of the Guardian for simple and hassle free shovel clean up. This model is suitable for all areas were vandalism is a given.
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