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This items have been discontinued, but can still be purchased on a "made to order" basis.

recycle bins
240 Litre Double Mall Recycling Station

recycle bins
240 Litre Triple Mall Recycling Station
Litter bins Australia

The Universal side opening/emptying bin contains a 45 litre plastic or steel liner. Mounted easily onto posts or poles, it is constructed from plated sheet steel and finished with long life sprayed gloss enamel. Clearing is quick and simple by a keyed lock set into the right hand side of the bin front, when actioned, this allows the side flap opened. (Bin key extra) Dimensions: Height 670mm , Width, 325 mm, Depth 395mm
Shipping Weight: 12 kg

litter bins AustraliaThis litter bin is a robust bin, well constructed from plated sheet steel to withstand the elements. This bin is brightly finished in sprayed gloss enamel.

The access opening is large enough to accept 2litre soft drink bottles, yet restricted enough to prevent dumping of household refuse.

Dimensions: Height 725mm Width 430mm Depth 360mm Shipping Weight: 20kg

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