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parks furniturePark Watcher Seat Bolt Down Seat
A version of the Park Watcher Seat (see right) that uses perforated steel planks for strength ,longevity and vandal resistance is also available on application.
Dimensions: Length 1800mm (1600 steel), Width 460mm, Height 450mm Shipping Weight: 35 kg

parks furnitureThe Park Watcher Seat is a simple sturdy, yet aesthetically pleasing bench type seat, provided with a back rest. Manufactured from a galvanised and powder coated frame that supports KWILA battens, this item is an asset to any urban parkland area. Normally made in a concrete-in configuration which has a single central foot, this can also be presented in a double footed, free standing or bolt down mode. Supplied ready to install. Dimensions: Length 1800mm (1600 steel), Width 460mm, Height 450mm Shipping Weight: 35 kg

street furnitureThe Boardwalk Seat presents KWILA hardwood battens riveted to a contoured steel frame which in turn is hot dip galvanised and powder coated, to form an exciting park seat. This highly attractive unit is free standing and can be bolted down. It makes for a comfortable, durable addition to any park furniture situation.

Also available as a concrete in version. Optional arm rests (inset picture) may be increased from 2 to 3 to prevent the seat being used as a makeshift bunk or skateboard edge. Dimensions: Length 1800mm, Width 600mm, Height 450mm Shipping Weight: 45 kg


park benchThe Boardwalk Park Seat is identical in every way to the BOARDWALK SEAT except one, the exception being that this unit has a central mounting post that is made to be concreted into the ground.

Dimensions: Length 1800 mm, Width 600 mm, Height 450 mm
Shipping Weight: 45 kg

park table

This free standing outdoor/indoor Boardwalk Plaza Set
features a galvanished steel frame, painted or powdercoated with Kwila lathes on top. The Slimline Kwila gives an attractive appearance particularly when an oiled finish is applied. The table and seats can be bolted down or be completely free standing.

All feet are adjustable for uneven floors. Optional - extra central hole for Umbrella.

Dimensions: Length 1800mm Width 1800mm

park picnic table
Bolt Down Picnic Table Set Timber
The attractive CENTRE MOUNTED PICNIC SET is ruggedly constructed from a steel RHS frame which in turn is hot dip galvanised and powder coated for long life exposure to the elements. The table and seats are fitted with KWILA battens that can be presented in either oiled (recommended) or painted as preferred by the purchaser. Because the unit is centre mounted and concreted in to the ground, it lends itself very well to wheelchair access. Supplied ready to install or in kit form. Dimensions: Length 1800mm, Width 1480mm, Height 840mm Shipping Weight: 98 kg

litter bins
Bolt Down Picnic Table Set Steel
A perforated steel plate version is also available for areas where an all-steel structure is preferred.
(1600mm long)

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